Birth of Henry R Brownbill

January 1, 1745

The first known Watchmaker in the Brownbill family is born in Ditton, Lancashire, England. Henry was our founder’s 5th great grandfather.

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First Business Established

January 1, 1777

Henry Brownbill establishes his first business in Leeds, Yorkshire, England. His son, Thomas and grandson Thomas Jr. later succeed him in the family business.

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Richard Brownbill, Watchmaker

June 25, 1976

Richard (Rick) Brownbill graduates from George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario Canada as a government certified watchmaker.

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R&R Watch Repairs

April 4, 1977

Partners Rick Brownbill and Ray Burnett establish their first business in North Bay, Ontario Canada. Exactly two hundred years after Henry established his first business.

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Perfect Timing

November 25, 1996

Partners Rick & Aimee Brownbill establish Perfect Timing Watch Repairs (later registered as Perfect Timing Jewellers Inc) in Barrie, Ontario Canada. The business thrives as a trade repair shop for numerous retail jewellers.

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Moving On

September 8, 1998

Perfect Timing grows from a small trade repair shop to a main street storefront location offering sales and service of all repairable timepieces. The city they settle in is Orillia, Ontario Canada. Orillia is ideally located for future growth.

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Online Store

September 30, 2015

Perfect Timing Inc in Orillia Ontario grows again from a local to a global presence. WatchAndClockSales.com becomes the official online store showing and making available inventory to the world.

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Brand New

January 1, 2016

Reichart Watch the brand is born. Conceived and designed by partners Rick & Aimee Brownbill the development of this new brand has been a true labour of love.

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